Tall and Beardy!

Tallbeard Studios is a creative initiative based in Minneapolis, MN focusing on all aspects of games and game design.

Captained by Benjamin, a tall and beardy musician. As a child, he played Nintendo and made games of his own on his Commodore 64 in QBasic. Now all grown up and making music with independent game developers, he's trying his hand at development again.

We're just getting our sea legs. More content will be coming soon!


Color Jumper (2016) | ( Steam / Itch.io / presskit() )

Inspired by hardcore platformers like Super Meat Boy, Downwell, VVVVVV, and many others, your goal in every Color Jumper level is to reach the exit. You control a block with a different color on each side. Colored platforms are only solid when in contact with the connecting color of your block. Each jump rotates your block, creating a world where each jump must be planned carefully, turning levels into a twisting high-speed parkour race to the finish.


In addition to making games, TallBeard Studios also works closely with independent studios for their music and sound design needs.

UnEarth Initiative OST (2015)
( Bandcamp / Website )
The Maker's Eden, Act 2 (2015)
( Bandcamp / Steam )
Stadgeist Soundtrack (2015)
( Bandcamp / Preview )
The Maker's Eden, Act 1 (2013)
( Bandcamp / Steam )