Tallbeard Studios is a creative initiative based in Minneapolis, MN focusing on all aspects of game and audio design.

Captained by Benjamin, a tall and beardy musician. Inspired by the games he played on the NES, Ben wrote his first games when he was 12 on the family Commodore 64. They weren't very good. But the fascination of how lines of logic and code can coalesce into an interactive experience never left his mind.

Now all grown up and making noises with independent creative studios, he's back at making games.


Color Jumper (2017) | ( Steam / Itch.io (demo) / presskit() / Discord )

Inspired by hardcore platformers like Super Meat Boy, Downwell, VVVVVV, and many others, your goal in every Color Jumper level is to reach the exit. You control a block with a different color on each side. Colored platforms are only solid when in contact with the connecting color of your block. Each jump rotates your block, creating a world where each jump must be planned carefully, turning levels into a twisting high-speed parkour race to the finish.

Crystal Caveman (2016) | ( Itch.io / Dev recording )

Your girlfriend likes shiny rocks. Go find her the shiniest rock of all. Fight through hordes of monsters to the cave where shiny rocks grow. Made during the Ludum Dare 36 game jam.


For over two decades, Tallbeard Studios has been focused on creating audio in a myriad different forms. Whether you are looking for a fully immersive soundtrack, a bouncy electronic Chiptune, or some custom sound effects for your project, we are here to help make those sonic dreams a reality.

Below are some examples of our portfolio, if you would like to learn more about what Tallbeard Studios can do for your projects, contact us at tallbeard@tallbeardstudios.com.

ShockSphere (2019)
Provided several songs to be used throughout the game.
Endless Space Battle (2018)
Provided three songs for a student project.
PieRatKing YouTube stinger (2018)
Wrote a custom stinger track to be used at the end of his video compilations.
Listening to Malachi (2018)
Contributed music and audio work to help elevate the atmosphere for this podcast about the paranormal.
Hex 2 (2018)
Created a new soundtrack based off the work done in Hex. Also designed new sound effects for parts of the game.
Danmaku Kingdom (2018)
Created four original songs for this game made during the LD Jam 41
The Elementalist (2018)
Contributed music to this action platforming game which revolves around harnessing multiple elemental types to defeat waves of enemies.
Shakka and Pals Podcast (2018)
Created original music and audio stingers for Shakka Panda's podcast and stream content.
Visual Out (2018)
Crafted a glitchy ambient album to match a game about exploring a dying computer.
The Extended Project (2017)
Contributed music to a sci-fi platformer about managing your suit's energy in the heat of battle!
Mauricio Del Hongo 3 (2017)
Created 19 original Chiptune songs for this NES-themed game using only Famitracker, a NES soundchip emulator.
Coda Kid (2017)
Provided music for students to use while learning to program.
Super Hammer Smash (2017)
Contributed music to a unique mobile arcade game about hammers and smashing.
Down (2017)
Created ambience and sound design for a short, somber atmospheric experience about depression.
Snakeman Dodgeball (2017)
Created a Chiptune soundtrack to fit the addictive gameplay of throwing and dodging projectiles.
The Thoughtful Gamer (2017)
Contributed music to the Thoughtful Gamer Podcast, who talk about all sorts of games and gaming.
Neon Ultra (2016)
Compiled music and created original sound effects for this fast-paced neon-infused twin stick shooter.
Spell Casting (2016)
A soundtrack to match the whimsical and mysterious story of Spell Casting: a curious cat learning how to cast spells at home by tracing shapes.
Space Dumper 2000 (2016)
Contributed music to this alien-blasting, procedurally generated shmup.
The Spark of One (2016)
Wrote a piano piece to help convey the emotion in this game for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Tangram Cookie Factory (2016)
Music used during Ludum Dare 35 challenge.
Nothing Can Stop Us (2016)
Wrote piano music for a short heartfelt narrative experience about friendship, valleys, aliens, and old-but not necessarily good ol'-times.
PixelMinuteGames (2016-2017)
Created over 30 original Chiptune songs for over a dozen games for the PixelMinuteGames studio.
UnEarth Initiative OST (2015)
A fun and quirky original soundtrack that shares the same irreverence for the story as the game's writing does.
The Maker's Eden, Act 2 (2015)
Continuing the musical themes from Act 1 into another full album designed for more interactive music layers that reflect the state and mood of the game.
Stadgeist Soundtrack (2015)
This ambient soundtrack was created for a short film. The music helps paint a story arc of death and surviving.
DivCircle (2014)
DivCircle is a game about diversity and trying to fit in. The soundtrack is layered to progressively get more chaotic as the game increases in difficulty.
Lessmilk Game A Week Challenge
The Lessmilk studio challenged themselves to make a new game every week for several months. We took on this challenge as well to create a new song for each new game.
Just Drive (2014)
A custom soundtrack for a well worn mixtape in a car. Just Drive is a story-driven game about driving around at night and contemplating your life.
The Maker's Eden, Act 1 (2013)
The Maker's Eden is a first-person sci-fi noir point-and-click adventure. The music is layered so that it can change to reflect the mood and tone on screen.


We are always happy to talk to new people. The best way to get in touch would be through Twitter since our bearded leader is almost always connected to it. However, Twitter isn't everyone's style. If you prefer using traditional email, you can reach us at tallbeard@tallbeardstudios.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!